There are so many ways you can help the needy and homeless of the A.V.

**If you would like to make a donation by credit card or paypal, please click on the yellow donate button below. Thanks!**

1) Volunteer your time to help!

2) Donations (non-parishable foods, clothing, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, hygiene products, monitery donations, and prayer!)

3) Sell something on E-Bay and Donate a part of your proceeds to God's Enduring Touch Of Grace Ministries.  It's easy, all you do is click on find a non-profit ministries when registering to sell a item.  Then pick how much of the proceeds you want to donate. Once your item sells, Pay Pal will deposit that percentage to our ministry and they will give you a receipt that is tax deducable!

4) If you have any info that could help our ministry( like grants or other agencies that could help us) please leave info in our Leave us a message box!

5) When you list something to sell on E-Bay, pick donate a part of proceeds to God's Enduring Touch Of Grace Ministries! E-Bay will put the percent you donated into our account if it sells and E-Bay will send you a receipt that's Tax deducable!  Sellers make on a average of 5-15% more when they donate a percent to a non-profit organization!